Cecil Times, Present News & Views on the County

Someone Noticed is pleased to welcome the Cecil County Times, a site presenting news and views on Cecil County to a virtual home on the web. It’s blogger says: “We hope to provide reporting and commentary on local events, politics and happenings in our corner of the Maryland Eastern Shore. We expect you won’t find anything like it in the local MSM (mainstream media, that is). . . ” This new site launched on Sept. 12 and we’ll add it to our blogroll so that our visitors may easily surf over to get more insight on the county each day. It’s good to see more of these citizen journalism products focusing on the county.  Surf on over and check it out.

Welcome aboard Cecil Times. The blogosphere is doing just fine in Cecil County and growing everyday.  We hope to see more of these products in the near future.


5 responses to “Cecil Times, Present News & Views on the County

  1. I enjoyed the District 5 coverage of the County Commissioner’s race on the Cecil Times. It would be nice to see something similar on Someone Noticed as well, perhaps with coverage on District 1, as well as the Congressional District 1 race between Kratovil and Harris.

  2. Patrick:

    Thanks for posting on someone noticed. We agree the piece on the Cecil Times about the district 5 race was interesting and you make a good point about other coverage opportunities.

    BTW, the Young Democrats (or Republicans) should consider creating a blog to post its news, events, information and postions on things. It costs nothing, and the information, which you have full control over, may be distributed immediately. I encourage either group to do that, as well as any other advocacy group.


  3. Mike,

    Your point is well taken. In fact, we have started a wordpress site and some events and basic information are posted. In regards to blogging on the site, it is a great idea and I will most likely move in that direction. Thanks for the advice.

    Take care.


  4. Patrick:

    You’ve got an attractive blog there and especially for your demogrpahic, what a great way to reach that group and provide information. Shall we add it to the blogroll on someone noticed? We’d be pleased to do that. Of course, we extend the same offer to the Cecil County Young Republicans if they establish a blog. It’s just a great way cost-effective way (read free) to share news, features, and advocacy.

  5. Mike,

    That would be great!!! I’m going to add a blog section shortly. I’ll give you a heads up when I start.

    Thanks again.


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