Herald Writes About Blogging for a Cause in Cecil

This week’s edition of the Herald carried a front page piece on blogging for a cause in Cecil County.   We thank contributing editor Lisa Tome for that excellent piece, which profiles what someone noticed is doing in Cecil’s Blogworld.  It also talks about other blogs that have been launched locally.  Thanks for an excellent piece Lisa.  We’ve noticed an increase in the number of hits today since that edition of the paper hit the streets.  That coverage helps us get the word out to a wider audience.  By-the-way, the Herald is one of our regular reading materials and we look forward to it in our mailbox each week.  It’s crammed with local news, events, happenings, columns, and editorials.


4 responses to “Herald Writes About Blogging for a Cause in Cecil

  1. Hey – Does the Herald have any content online? It looks like there are some good stories – and full-color, too.

    I’ve been looking, but can’t seem to find any reference to the paper except an entry in the Md Archives.

  2. Wayne: They don’t and do we wish they did. For a weekly they still turn out some interesting journalism and it is full of local content. Thinking back over the past several months, Editor Lisa Tome wrote the most insightful piece we’ve seen on how the loss of the courthouse affected the downtown business district. It was an obvious and immediate impact and you’d recognize it from your “window on Main Street,” as the editor of a local weekly. She wrote a piece that was well researched and documented on how things have changed. If she hadn’t historians researching the town’s past would be at a loss to know how that transformation affected the town decades from now. I made sure I saved a copy. You’ll see lots of other local pieces of interest there too. From my perspective, some I recall just over the past several months is about North East getting its first female police officer, changes in the 911 system, the 20th anniversary of the county paramedic system, things like that, which were all done by Lisa. They have an outstanding sports editor too, George Diebel. His coverage of county sports and the photographs are just oustanding. It’s good that we have another source of news, the weekly out of Rising Sun. On the piece about blogging I couldn’t get the Whig to mention it so more people would not to surf over. BTW, I noticed that we were up 150 hits today, and 100 hits yesterday after the paper hit the street. Our spikes are usually caused by town meetings and things that are said and done there, but this was caused by the Rising Sun Herald

  3. Mike – I don’t know if you noticed the Vol. & No. on the clip you posted there. I knew it was a while ago, but you can see that in 2 more weeks, it’ll be on its 20th year.

    Wow, has time flown by. I remember preparing for the first issue to hit the streets in the fall of 1989 – the interviews, the photos – it was a different time, for sure.

    I’m sincerely glad to see that it’s still providing local coverage and still fulfilling the role of “local” news coverage it has as its foundation. At one point I had hoped to have an ownership interest in the papers, but publisher Jim Wolf wasn’t interested in having a partner, having suffered through a bad partnership years before.

    But, things have worked out for me and it appears that the paper is doing just fine as well.

    I just wish I could see more using today’s technology.

  4. Wayne:

    Someone Noticed sure would be happy to have someone else, put together a little recent history on media and the digital age. How about it? Lisa mentioned the other day, that they were were going to do something a special for the anniverary, so it’s on their radar screen.

    Were you here with Jim Wolf from the start, are were you still in high school at that point. I remember you coming in when for some info, when you’d been assigned to l aunch their other county people the the Times of North East and Elkton.

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