Bruce Leith, Elk Landing Volunteer and Director Responds . . .

This Sept 12 posting by Bruce Leith, a major contributor to the progress Elk Landing’s made over the past four years continues to generate a great deal of commentary.  Although I thought the activity on this post was slowing down, I was wrong for it now has 30 comments. Since it’s obviously a topic of importance, we’ve clipped part of the earlier posting in order to move it to the front of the weblog.  To read the latest comments and feedback on this submission by Bruce, click on the link below.

— Bruce Leith, September 12, 2008

After monitoring Mike’s blog for some time, I feel the need now to defend what others are saying about Elk Landing. I have been a board member of HELF for 4 years now as the volunteer director of events and programing. As many of you know, Elk Landing is in the developmental stages. To keep the public interested in Elk Landing and to start offering educational opportunities we have limited events and programming that takes place periodically. We do not have a paid staff and we have a very miniscule budget from which to work with. For “Elkton Resident” who appears to have close ties to the Elkton Alliance the criticism of Elk Landing is inconceivable. I would think this person would want Elk Landing to succeed so that it brings day trippers in to town. . . . . . . .

 [To read remainder of post and see the latest comments on this post click here.]


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