Foundation Responds to Rumors

Topix, the information aggregator, has this Cecil Whig piece on its site.  We thought you might want to read the entire Story. If so, cClick on the link after the opening paragraph.


Foundation responds to rumors

Elk Landing group says it knew about potential development

By Sonia Dasgupta, Cecil Whig
Published: Monday, September 15, 2008 5:05 AM CDT
The Historic Elk Landing Foundation released a statement Thursday regarding the rumors spreading about the possible sale of the historic property.<!–

–>Although the board approved the inquiry that does not mean they endorse the plan, he said. [story continues – click here]

In response to the recent statements from Elkton’s commissioners about the possibility of selling about 10 acres of Elk Landing property for retail space, foundation president Kenneth Wilcox said they knew about the inquiries.

“At it’s May 2008 meeting, (Elk Landing’s board) approved a motion to look further into a concept presented to them (by the town of Elkton) to convert the (10 acres of open space) into retail commercial space,” Wilcox said in the statement.


2 responses to “Foundation Responds to Rumors

  1. Wayne Fenstermacher

    Oh – I wonder how many subscribers there are to the Whig’s archives? I haven’t heard of a single success story for a local daily charging for their local news.

    This is just another reason for the increase in bloggers to help get the word out — save the public the need to spend the ghastly prices the daily wants to squeeze out of their citizenry.

    And – what’s with all those flashing ads? You’d think we were back to 1996 again. Ha!

  2. Wayne:

    Aren’t those ads annoying. Can you imagine paying for a subscription and having to put up with that.

    When the New York Times couldn’t get enough money to manage a paid site with all their content, I can image that it’s successful for a small town daily.

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