Cecil Whig to Merge Sections

In this morning’s Whig publisher Jeff Mezzatesta wrote that readers will soon notice a merging of sections of the daily paper.  For most editions, sports, news, and information is being consolidated into the front part.  Accent, the features department, is being merged with classified.  “The Whig remains committed to publishing local news and information giving it priority among all other news sources. . . . If it were possible to predict an end to the factors that necessitate these changes, I would go out on a climb.  But I cannot.  I do believe that an economic recovery is inevitable, brining news ideas and improvements,” he writes.


7 responses to “Cecil Whig to Merge Sections

  1. I guess progress in inevitable! Cause we are living in a digital world and I am just a digital girl… 🙂

  2. I’m looking forward to the additional news items Mike mentioned while attending the Elkton meeting. We all know there’s more news out there – and one person is showing up a staff of trained journalists…

    At least we know not much has changed there, huh? The year was 1996…

  3. Hi, Mike– You have reported more on Elkton town government than all the Whig folks have in years. So the new Australian owners are cutting back on reporting staff and newsprint allocated to local news– why are we not surprised?
    (FYI- check your email and the below link for latest EXCLUSIVE Cecil Times news story on former County Commissioner Kilby’s attempt to get zoning preferences from Board of Appeals.)


  4. Crazy History Teacher

    Wow! What are they think over there at the Whig? They don’t even write about Cecil County! If I want to know about the news in this county I want to get it from a local paper! You know, I think its funny that “The Kent County News”, Queen Anne’s County’s “The Record Observer”, and Talbot County’s “The Star Democrat” all have local stories about their counties. THEY ALSO RUN MORE NEWS ABOUT CECIL COUNTY THAN THE “CECIL WHIG” DOES AND THEY ARE ALL OWNED BY CHESAPEAKE PUBLISHING! It is weird….just weird…

  5. Crazy History Teacher:

    Did I happen to have you in school? This is starting to sound familiar!

  6. Crazy History Teacher

    I think so! Weren’t you the class clown that I was always yelling at? You’re probably the reason why I’m the crazy history teacher!

  7. Crazy History Teacher

    And another thing Mike, you’re also why I took up drinking the lemonade!

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