A Nice Day in Downtown Elkton; Crowds Fill Street for Fall Fest

Hometown Musician Bernard Purdie greets a fan earlier today.

Author Milt Diggins was busy signing his new book in front of Lions Drug Store












With a hint of autumn in the air on this sunny Saturday, the temperature peaking out in the low 70s, downtown Elkton filled with people for Fall Fest.  On such a wonderful day, we had to join in so we spent the mid-day hours strolling around town, talking to people, stopping by the North Street Hotel, and checking out the vendors.  While in town we ran into Milt Diggins, the author a new photo book on Cecil County, sitting in front of Lion’s Drug Store, where he was signing books.  While sitting in the North Street Hotel chatting with Jimmy Nicholson and George Sewell, we were pleasantly surprised to see Bernard Purdie, a world famous drummer from Elkton, walking down the street. Bernard tells us his new biography will be out soon and we’re looking forward to that.  Having seen the draft, we can’t wait to see the final product about this hometown musician.

A little later, we ran into Tony Trotta’s daughter, Patty.  That’s the fire time we’ve had a chance to talk with her since her father passed away in the spring.  Patty invited us into Tony’s old shop, a place he’d worked since the 1930s.  That was a very pleasant experience to exchange a few memories and hear that she is doing well.

We congratulate the Elkton Alliance and the Mayor and Commissioners for making an excellent fall fest possible.  It’s good to see the streets of the old town fill with pedestrians and shoppers as it did until for near the end of the 20th century. 

 We have a few more images on one of our photo pages. Click here to see those images.


5 responses to “A Nice Day in Downtown Elkton; Crowds Fill Street for Fall Fest

  1. Crazy History Teacher

    I remember Milt Diggins! He used to teach at Perryville Middle School. Wasn’t he the teacher that wore the bumble bee costume every halloween? And I thought I was the crazy history teacher!

  2. Look at that guy in the cowboy hat! I didn’t know Rodeo Earl had a grandson.

  3. Crazy History Teacher

    On second thought, Milt looks a little bit like Barney Fife!

  4. Now Ms. Nogood, that’s not Rodeo Earl’s Cousin. Do you remember wild Earl? I’ll get a post up on him, once the town slow’s down.

  5. Crazy History Teacher:

    Did you loose your bi-focals alog the way somehwere?

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