Oh What a Week It Was – Views Increase by Nearly 33% After Coverage by Rising Sun Herald

We’ve had a great week for site views at Someone Noticed.  Our readers increased by nearly 33% over the previous week, as we blog on the last day of summer.  Moreover, that was an increase of 15% over our top week ever, a peak caused by the Mayor and Commissioners raising the volume on Elk Landing at one of its meetings.

This increase comes as we broaden our focus so we’re covering subject that aren’t addressed by other sources, while we continue to our advocacy for Elk Landing.  Our increase this time week came as the result of a article in the county’s weekly newspaper, the Rising Sun Herald.  We thank editor LIsa Tome for that excellent piece for as soon as her article hit the streets we started seeing an increase in readership.  We know there’s another boost coming as only the Town of Elkton can provide.  Commissioner Jablonski is quoting as saying in the Cecil Whig that they’re going to get back to the land issue at an October meeting. 

Goodness we’ll see what they’re up to next on that tangled web.  But whatever it is, we’ll at least make sure the public knows about their actions. 



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