Washington City Paper Writer Navigates the Commuter Rail Connections Through Cecil County

Someone Noticed Editor – We found this fascinating account of trying to make the a trip from Washington, D.C., to New York by commuter rail, while navigating the connection gap in Cecil County, in the Washington City Paper.  We think our readers may enjoy this local story from the Washington City Paper.  It includes a fascinating slide show.


The Third Rail

(Washington City Paper)

One man’s quest to take the train to new York without ever boarding Amtrak.

 It’s no wonder that Amtrak rules the well-traveled path between the District and New York. It’s fast, the stations are conveniently located, and it’s comfortable. The first time I took the quiet car, by the time I got to New York I was so relaxed and engrossed in my book that I didn’t want to get off.  But that comfort comes at a price—$97 for the regular train and $188 for the high-speed Acela. So I, and many other Washingtonians, suffer the bus.

The Greyhound and Chinatown buses each have their partisans. I have been a Greyhound man, mainly because it’s the lesser of two evils—it’s flexible, doesn’t require reservations, and offers a more pleasant ride than Chinatown, which subjects travelers to C-grade movies at earsplitting volumes, not to mention some well-documented safety problems.

(I have not yet tried the new Bolt Bus, a Greyhound offshoot with comfier seats and onboard WiFi. Its main draw is its complex, gimmicky pricing scheme with some fares only $1. But whenever I’ve looked, it’s been the same price as Greyhound, with the same inconvenient schedules as Chinatown.)

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Washington City Paper: Cover Story: The Third Rail

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One response to “Washington City Paper Writer Navigates the Commuter Rail Connections Through Cecil County

  1. This is a most interesting story. Think of the benefits that would be gained by having Eltkon become the junction between MARC and SEPTA commuter rail lines.! County citizens could then access a commuter rail systemthat runs from Fresericksburg, VA to the Long Island suburbs of New York City Maybe the BRAC issue will move some legislators in Annapolis to move forward with such a bold idea.

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