EL Update: We’re Getting Ready for Much Ado About Something Again at the Town Hall

While it’s been quiet on the Elk Landing front for a week or so now, Someone Noticed is getting ready for the Mayor and Commissioners to make more news as fall gets underway in Cecil County.    

Commissioner Jablonski plans to bring up the entire matter again at an October meeting, according to published remarks in the Cecil Whig.  Since there was little or no advance notice on prior discussion, we’ll just have to monitor the situation as carefully as possible so we can serve as an advocate for Maryland Public Open Space.  You’ll recall we were surprised when Commissioner Jablonski brought the entire matter up at another recent meeting, since it wasn’t on the agenda and the commissioners had just finished a long session loaded with lots of citizen input on another development.  But we’re glad we were there to offer another point of view.  Otherwise how would one know what they were saying or doing, in order to offer alternative perspective for their consideration. 

Considering the range of obstacles and barriers as well as the opportunities for an initiative is the way to make informed decisions.  Anyone casually following this tangled web knows how confused the issue has been for the town board.  Gather your data (all of it), verify that its reliable, make sure all the decision-makers are using the same set of facts, then discuss it.  That’s the business-like approach for managing the public’s buisness.


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