Just Looking for the Mayors Town-Related E-mail and Documents

In reference to our Freedom of Information Act Request for Mayor Fisona’s emails, papers, minutes, and memos related to his proposal to sell 10 acres of public open space, we’ve been informed that the mayor no longer has those critical documents.  If we understand this correctly, the mayor likes to keep his inbox clean so he has deleted the email, along with associated important documents and records transmitted via email.  If we’re wrong this space is alway open to the mayor to make a statement.

Since the MPIA material is no longer available on the mayor’s system, we’ve suggested other ways he might retrieve the bulk of the material, such as asking the corporation’s secretary for the formal records. We notice there are some very specific guidelines in the state codes for retention of governmental records, especially minutes and imortant documents.

But we’ll wait to see what the response is to this one.  Meanwhile, we’re pouring over the MPIA manaul so we have a strong working knowledge of rights and obligations there.  We’re also reviewing the State of Maryland records retention guidelines for municipal and state government.  These  regulations provide guidance which are helpful in making sure the business of the pubic is kept before the public.  We’ll know more soon.


8 responses to “Just Looking for the Mayors Town-Related E-mail and Documents

  1. So, you’re not going to go quietly into that good night? Even after they told you he deletes his email?

    POPPYCOCK! — (Penn & Teller have a cable show – the name of which would be appropriate here as well — BULLSH&T!)

    I do hope you have kept a copy of their response to you on this. Is it from Mr. George? I can’t imagine it is…

    I’ll bet he’s not very happy about the cavalier attitude his bosses have taken to some of this. Come to think of it, he wasn’t all that happy at times during a previous administration when he was put into the position of responding to some of the buffoonery that takes place on North Street.

    I think a simple inquiry to the AG’s office just asking about how long public officials are to maintain records would be easy enough. I bet they say more than a few months…

  2. Crazy History Teacher

    Come on Mayor Fisona! My high school students can keep better track of their school work than you can!

    Are you sure Joe hasn’t been taking lessons from Richard Nixon?

  3. Crazy History Teacher:

    Don’t tell me you had Mayor Fisona and Richard Nixon in school?

  4. Crazy History Teacher

    Oh gosh no! Something tells me if I had any of those two knuckle heads in my class, I would of gone completely psycho!

  5. Wayne:

    No we’ve definitely got more to come on this one, if we can’t get the requested documents. Many of these documents are specifically cited in MPIA and COMAR (Code of Maryland Regulations) concerning records retention for local government. What’s strange is that these were documents that would’ve helped the entire board straighten out matters it needed to make an informed decision. The way it stands now, no one really seems to know what the mayor promised Elk Landing.

    We’ve heard three different scenarios presented. When asked by Commissioner Storke, the mayor said we promised them nothing. Commissioner Jablonksi said we promised them $150,000. Another comment was that it was in the high six figures. I gues there were going to use the sale of this Maryland public land to help pay off Elk Landing and build the rec center.

    Who knows. Whatever the case, someone should figure out what was promised so they can work rom that. This is far from over. There are regulations and standards in MPIA and the state records retention act that cover these things.

    Beside it seems to easy to go to the corporate secretary and ask for the documents, since the mayor keep a very clean inbox.

    Oh by the way, you mentioned town administrator Lewis George. I haven’t heard from him on this aspect at all. The last time I heard from Mr. George was about three weeks ago when we filed a MPIA request for his correspondence on the issue. That produced a very helpful letter, one that he’d written to the entire board advising them not to move ahead with the project.

    I’ve find the town’s professional staff to be very competent.

  6. What the HELF. mayor lost his papers, do I have it write? Umm. Umm.

    Weren’t them important papers too that he lost. How’s a man to know what he’s promised or voting on, without them important papers.

    What the HELF, What the HELF, that’s way I say.

    Where’s that nogood character, he always run here with all those opinions of hi s. Haven’t heard much from him either. Did he loose his paper.

    Sam for Mayor, don’t forget it. I couldn’t do any worse than this bunch. What the HELF. Maybe we’ll get crazy history teacher to run too. Couldn’t be any worse than there this mess they’ve made. Do they do better on anything else since we don’t reach much in the paer about ’em.

  7. Thank you for keeping an eye on our local government officials. I am many of my neighbors appreciate your work.

  8. Joan:

    Thanks for posting on Someone Ntoiced. We’re glad we have this method available to provide the “411 on the Mayor and Commissioners of Elkton,” as it relates to Elk Landing and more. We always enjoy your insightful letters to the editor, which have been published in the Whig. Please feel free to post here, too.

    Do I recall that you were for many years the Executive Director of the Elkton Chamber of Commerce?

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