New Cecil County Blog, Digging Into History Comments on Lyons Pharmacy

Someone Noticed — Last Saturday we blogged about Elkton’s Fall Fest and while surfing the blogosphere this week we discovered another posting about last weekend’s event.  Wrtten by Milt Diggins, the author of a new Cecil County photo history book, we’ve clipped it here for our readers to see.  We had noted Milt’s signing in our last piece and thought you might want to see his comments.

Diggin Into History, A Cecil County Blog by Milt Diggins —

The day was successful and pleasant. The Elkton FallFest Crowd was great, the weather cooperated beautifully, and I signed 27 books at Lyons Pharmacy, a new one day high. While I was at Lyons, I noticed something that is less prevalent in the era of the big box stores – the sense of community.

When I first came to Cecil County from Baltimore County in 1970, I was impressed with how the store owners and employees at the various stores and shops and service stations around the county warmly greeted you, and how quickly I transitioned from stranger to appreciated customer. Be it at the Bunting’s newstand, or Charlie Bernard’s pharmacy or Logan’s appliance store in North East, or Abram’s service station in Bayview, you were more than a patron. You knew from the personalized greeting, the conversations, and the quality of service that you were more than a mere customer. I recognized that same spirit of community and service while I was at Lyons. I was already familar with the friendliness at Lyons. On Saturday, I learned more about Tony’s generous spirit and concern for his customers, and I observed Sandy’s warmth, sincerity, and gregarious nature as she related to everyone that approached the book-signing table in front of the drug store. At times it looked like Tony and Sandy were on a first name basis with every resident of Elkton and a sizable number of people from surrounding neighborhoods. During the book signing, I was well-treated by everyone at Lyons.

When you visit a big box store you get a manufactured greeting – if the greeter manages to notice you in time. They mean well, but these greeters just can’t capture the genuine article. If you want a real greeting that captures the spirit of community and says you are appreciated as a customer and as a person, you have to go to places like Lyon’s Pharmacy.


2 responses to “New Cecil County Blog, Digging Into History Comments on Lyons Pharmacy

  1. Crazy History Teacher

    Its bumble bee costume guy again! I’m pretty sure it was that Milt Diggins at Perryville Middle School that wore that costume every year!

  2. Crazy History Teacher

    Friendly merchants!? When I first moved here, everyone scowled at me and cussed me out! Its probably because I’m from down the Shore in Kent County!

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