What Impact Will BRAC Have on Elkton?

 One public-policy consideration related to planning for growth that gets the attention of Elkton’s Mayor and Commissioners sometimes is BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) and the affect those relocations will have on Elkton.  Someone Noticed is interested in verifiable data on that subject too so we’ve read a study commissioned by the APG Regional BRAC Office.  Completed by the Sage Public Policy Group in September 2007, it’s midpoint estimate for population growth in Cecil County attributable to the base closure is 5,356 additional residents.  Of course, that’s for the entire county so a qualitative factor considering commuting distance from Aberdeen Proving Grounds and other elements has to be factored into that estimate for planning.  Since a highly respected economics consulting firm prepared this report, We think it may be helpful as the political leadership considers professionally developed data, which can help guide policy decisions.  Thus we’re posting the consultant’s report here on Someone Noticed so it is available to officials, should they want to consult it, or others who may want to consider the conclusions.

Click here to read the full report brac-impact-study-demostudyfinal


2 responses to “What Impact Will BRAC Have on Elkton?

  1. Crazy History Teacher

    BRAC! BRAC! BRAC! I’m so sick of this stupid Brac thing! It will impact Harford County, NOT US! What person in the right state of mind who works at Aberdeen Proving Grounds will want to live in Cecil County and pay the toll to get to work? I know that there are people who do that…no offense to you guys, but I think most of these people from Jersey will want to do that!

    BRAC, Welcome to Cecil County and trust me, THIS ISN’T MONMOUTH COUNTY!

  2. Crazy History Teacher

    Excuse me, I just noticed I said that people from Jersey will want to pay the toll to go to work. I meant to say they WOULD NOT!

    See, this is what teaching high school students does to you!

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