Cecil County Paramedics Celebrate 20 Years of Service

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since Cecil County government launched a full-time Emergency Medical Services (EMS) System by putting paid paramedics on the road to assist local fire companies with the growing load of calls for ambulance service.  Well it has and EMS celebrated that milestone on Friday evening, Sept. 19th at the Wellwood Club in Charlestown.  As EMS marks its achievement, we’ve put together a brief history of the ambulance service in the county.  We’ve clipped part of here and the remainder continues over on another blog, Window on Cecil County’s Past.

—  A Quick History of Cecil County EMS, from a Window on Cecil County’s Past

It was Christmas night, and members of Cecil Post 15 of the American Legion in Elkton were home enjoying the holiday. Suddenly, in one Legionnaires’s home, the phone rang. “Hospital Calling!” the voice on the line said. “There’s been a serious automobile accident near Rising Sun,” the operator urgently continued. “If we can get the boy to a Baltimore hospital right away, there’ll be a chance for him.” Members of the Elkton Legion, rushing to where the ambulance was housed, rolled out on an “errand of mercy.” After darting seventeen miles to the accident, the Doctor told them “to step on it” for the boy still had a chance. “Dashing madly” through the Maryland night, with two traffic “officers opening up the road, they ate up the miles to Baltimore,” reaching the hospital an hour and forty minutes after the phone’s jarring ring. But the trip had been in vain, reported the American Legion Monthly in 1929. . . . [article continues on Window on Cecil’s Past].


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