Someone Noticed is on High Alert for an October Surprise

With a new month just minutes away, we’re on high alert for an October surprise at Someone Noticed.  You’ll recall that Commissioner Jablonski announced a month or so ago that the board was going to take up the issue of the recreation center again in October.  We just checked the Elkton’s web site, but the land and recreation center aren’t on the agenda.  That doesn’t mean much since they’ve brought the topic up before when it wasn’t listed.

As a result Someone Noticed will go on high alert for an October surprise as we remain vigilant in defense of some Maryland Public Open Space.   We’ll monitor the town’s open door meetings in order to put lots of sunshine on anything they initiate and also offer public comments that provide additional perspectives.

Our only position on this is please Mayor and Commissioner don’t sell some Maryland Public Open Space to fund the building of a recreation center.  (The board told the state how important the acquisition of this land was when it applied for funding assistance, just a few years ago.)  If the citizens want a recreation center, levy the taxes on the residents of Elkton and obtain whatever grants are available to help reduce the cost burden on taxpayers of the town.  But please don’t sell the Open Space to underwrite the new venture.


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