Cecil Times: Priapi Gardens: Cecilton Common Sense

Cecil Times has posted a new story, Priapi Garden:  Cecilton Common sense.  We’ve posted part of it here, but click on the link at the end to read the full piece.

 Cecil Times:  Priaipi Gardens:  Cecilton Common Sense – – – –

. . .  We stopped in to visit Vic and Mary Priapi, proprietors of Priapi Gardens in Cecilton, on Saturday as they were having their fall harvest event. Lots of fun things, all for free, on Route 213 in Cecilton. We say “IN” Cecilton, because a few months ago this treasure of a garden shop and nursery, value-added agriculture, agro-tourism and all around great place was actually outside the town limits of Cecilton. 

    It took a full blown town election, and a rather unpleasant political campaign, before a majority of Cecilton residents voted to welcome Priapi Gardens to the town so that the Priapi’s could be assured access to water they would need to expand their nursery business. The annexation issue was a microcosm of what is both wrong and right with any discussion of so-called “growth” in this county.

   Some folks– including one current county commissioner and one who aspires to the job– did a knee-jerk opposition to any ‘annexation’ regardless of the facts of the Priapis’ case. [Story continues on Cecil Times]


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