Get Ready for Much Ado at Town Hall: Commissioners Have Been Told Rec Center Will Be Discussed Oct. 8

You’ll recall that Someone Noticed went on high alert for October, after being informed of the need to do that by Commissioner Jablonski.   At a meeting a month or so ago she surprised us when she brought up the controversial issue after a long evening of taking care of the publics business and asked that the rec center/land deal be reconsidered in October.  Then she made remarks to the Whig about the same thing.

In an email we just received from the town administration, we’ve been notified that the recreation center/land deal is scheduled for discussion Wednesday (Oct. 8), per Commissioner Piners’ request.  This is the meeting where the public is not allowed to offer input and straw votes are taken to determine if a confirming vote should be taken at the regular meeting.  At the first of the month session where official votes are taken, the public is only allowed to talk at the end of the evening, once all business has been transcated.

What course this will take, we won’t know so we’ll just have to monitor the situation.  We do hope they will, as the mayor recently said, leave Elk Landing’s property out of it.  If they want to build a recreation center, do a study to determine the cost to the people.  Then get whatever grants are available to alleviate as much of the burden as possible and levy the tax on the taxpayers of Elkton for the remaining cost.  But please don’t use property that was so valuable to the town just a few years ago to faciliate the process.  That’s all we say.


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