Bulletin: Mayor Fisona Says Idea of Land Swap is Off-The Table

We’re listening to remarks the Mayor and Commissioners are making at the Wednesday workshop right now.  The Mayor opened the meeting by saying, “We need to take this idea of a land swap [Elk Landing] off the table right now.  Let’s agree on that, okay.”  Based on what they’ve heard about costs that are coming down the road for the municipality and the burden this will create for Elkton taxpayers, he thought they should take this off the table because the town couldn’t afford it.  The water and sewer plant and a few other projects were mentioned as major initiatives that are going to be far more costly to the town than anticipated.  At some point in this discussion Commissioner Jablonski asked him to clarify what he meant by the land swap.  Out of that discussion he seemed to indicate that he was actually referring to the larger issue, the recreation center.  Commissioner Piner said he was okay with that as long as they got back to it in a few years when more money was available.  After that no one objected or made any other remarks, so it appears the issue is off-the-table right now.

Whatever the case, this is good news for the moment.  We’ll need to listen to the audio  recording to report on this fully, but we’ll want to get a bulletin out the blogosphere right now.


15 responses to “Bulletin: Mayor Fisona Says Idea of Land Swap is Off-The Table

  1. This is great news. I say Someone Noticed should declare victory but keep blogging .The price of liberty is enternal vigillance.

  2. I’m sure the ‘watchdog’ role of this blog had a lot to do with Fisona et al pulling the plug on their bad idea. Congratulations on a job well done, even if the mayor claims other reasons for the decision.


    (Translation… congratulations “Someone Noticed”. You get an extra bone for your efforts!)

  4. Mary Hollingsworth


    May I call you “Michael”? You did a fine job for such a young man. So, what’s next? When are you going to run for office? Since you are going to turn down the Elk Landing Presidency, how about state office? By the way… are you single?!

    Widow Mary

  5. Crazy History Teacher

    Congrats! You get an A+ in my gradebook!

  6. Crazy History Teacher


    Where have you been! You haven’t been putting your opinions on here! You and your friend Silence Nogood better start coming to class or I will have to report you to the Principal’s Office!

  7. This is the BEST news !!! Thanks, Mike, for your perseverence in bringing the Elk Landing/ Town Commission matter to the attention of the public. We all owe you a BIG debt of gratitude for saving this historic area for a little while, at least.

  8. Bout time them politicians figured out what stuff costs. All they want to do is raise taxes around here. Old Sam figured out this was gonna cost a bunch of m0ney long before this.

    Now that they’re off that land swap deal Mayor Joe and Commish Mary Joe talked about all da time, we’re gonn a have to start lookin out for them to raise taxes.

    I’ve seen it already on this here blog thing. That’s what that blogger fella’s been reporting on abt how the town money is tight. Then Old Sam reads about its tight at the state level.

    Well dang it, this stuff cost money. What the HELF are they thinkin when they cook up these plans.

    Guess I’ve got to figure out a new signal for Mr. Nogood so he know what’s going on if they try to raise taxes.

    What the helf.

    Old Sam for mayor. I won’t raise your taxes any more than this bunch already has.

  9. Tell Rin Tin Tin to knock off that there twlight bark stuff, will ya. Alll he wants to do is yap about somethin’ and old Sam doesn’t even know what he’s yappin about. I want a little quiet down at the plantation now that those dang politicans ain’t hangin around tryin to take the peoples land. He’s just making the blog spin with all that dog noise. See, old Sam wants to rest up for the mayor’s race since them Elkton politicians going raise taxes. I just know they are. I can smell it, just liike that dang, pesky rabbitt that keeps botherin’ me.

    And rin tin tin, you better stop chewing on those curtains down there at Miss Ann’s plantation. You bad dog, go to your room.

  10. Crazy History Teacher

    I have another comment to make:

    Mr. Fisona,
    In my 30 plus years of teaching, I have never seen such poor performance in my history class! It is obvious to me that you don’t understand the value and importance of history! I’m afraid I’m going to have to give you an F in my gradebook!

  11. Thanks everyone for regularly posting your supportive comments on Someone Noticed and for surfing over regularly to get the 411 on the Mayor and Commissioners of the Town of Elkton. I really appreciate it.

    At some point, I think I will start offering this experience on the lecture circuit, focusing on how to blog for a cause and how to go about managing the entire process. Since this one was focused on preservation advoacacy, it would be ideal for the Maryland Preservation Conference and also the National Preservation Workshop, as well as a few similiar nonprofits seminars. These preservation advocacy groups appreciate hearing these types of stories.

    In less than an hour this blog will mark its 2nd month of existence in the blogosphere. When the issue of selling Maryland Public Open Space to aid in building a recreation center came up last March and I couldn’t get media to cover it, I’d sit in those town meetings and wonder how in the world I’d get more citizen attention on the subject.

    It eventually dawned on me that no matter what happened, our daily paper wasn’t going to touch it. I remember some heated exchanges during the commissioners meetings and when I was fianlly able to make remarks at the very end of the evening in the public session, I’d make sure I did a wrap up in case other media wanted to pick it up. What usually happened after that was that when the reporter inquired of the politicians, they’d tell her that there was nothing to it. I remember one time getting a call that the land issue wasn’t going anywhere, per the politicians, so it wasn’t a story.

    I was a little slow on picking up on the idea of using a blog, but it wasn’t going to get the light of day in legacy print media. But sure enough, by late July or early Aug, I decided this was the way we’d have to go if there was any hope of getting the word out. Thus on Aug 10., we launched the blog, but readership was really low for the first couple of weeks. But as word began to spread, first by mouth and then later with coverage by the Rising Sun Herald, traffic picked up. On slows days we usually had nearly 200 unique visitors and busy days, when the commissioners had really made noise, we soared over 400.

    If it hadn’t been for this blog and Commissioner Storke the entire thing would have been handled almost silently at the town level, except for the rumors downtown. When I considered the right strategy for presenting another viewpoint, I always thought the best chance was going to occur at the state level hearings that are required and in the review by state officials.

    Again thanks and particualarly to those that wrote letters to the editor and called the town council to voice a complaint. All that really helped.

    And to that bountiful crop of new bloggers that the summer harvest brought to Cecil County and to the few old hands that were around, I also say thanks. They helped spread the word in the digital world and that was very effective. I’m so pleased to see so many bloggers crop up and hope to see more of them grow as an alternative source for news and opinion.

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  13. Elkton Concerned Citizen

    The land is one thing to think about, but I’ll tell you what concerns me more about this bunch. All these projects they have, don’t they realize someone has to pay for everyone of them that they dream up. I’ve been watching this blog for a long time, and haven’t said anything. But now I see they’re probably talking about raising my taxes. You mean the bunch of them didn’t know that someone had to pay for these types of things. I guess if the economy wasn’t so bad, they’d have gone right ahead and just raised my taxes to pay for that rec center. Just tell me, of that bunch, which ones were the ones pushing to raise my taxes. I guess it was joe and Mary Joe. Was Earl involved in it too. Sounds like he was from this mornings Whig. Just tell me, will you.

  14. Mike

    I have a quote I came across to day that seems appropriate to your goal to keep people informed.
    Journalism is publishing what someone doesn’t want us to know, the rest is propaganda. -Horacio Verbitsky, journalist (b. 1942)

  15. I couldn’t agree more Milt. “Journlaism is publishing what someone doesn’t want us to know, the rest is propaganda.” Thanks for publishing the quote here.

    I recall last spring trying to get some ink so the public would know about this. When the local reporter would inquire of the politicians about what they were trying to do, they’d tell her they weren’t going to do anything. Don’t worry we’re not going to do a land deal, there’s nothing to it. Well finally in October they decided they really weren’t interested in a land swap. But there sure was a lot of noise and arguing and filing of Freedom of Information Acts in between those two points in time. They just didn’t want the story published and it was far too easy to turn it away.

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