A Tale of Two Towns: Surely Elkton Could Follow Chesapeake City’s Lead by Keeping People Informed

In surfing the blog on this rainy Saturday October afternoon, we noted that the town of Chesapeake City has a workshop scheduled on Oct. 27.  There are some important subjects on the agenda for citizens down that way and the agenda fully discloses those matters.  They alo allow public comments.

Here’s what Elkton tells people.  They simply announce the time of meeting and that is it!  Once a workshop starts  anything (and we mean anything) can be discussed, but citizens will have no way of knowing what the elected leadership is considering.  Glance at the imgages below from Chesapeake City and you’ll see how helpful that municipal government is at helping people stay informed about its actions. 

At these workshops the commissioners typically get the details on proposals, ask questions, and decide how they’re going to vote on an issue.  Unless something most extraordinary happens, they will simply cast their vote at the monthly meeting.

We encourage the political leadership in Elkton to start publishing agendas.  It’s easy to do, It opens up the political process, is ideal for open government, and just makes sense.  How hard can this be to do if the village down on the canal can manage to assembly an agenda for its community of 700 when the county seat with larger municipal government staff can’t inform its citizenry on the most important meetings that they have.  By-the-way, to raise a second point, why not allow the citizens to comment at these meetings?  By-the time they’re allowed to speak in Elkton, the issue is decided and usually all over with.


3 responses to “A Tale of Two Towns: Surely Elkton Could Follow Chesapeake City’s Lead by Keeping People Informed

  1. Crazy History Teacher

    You guys could learn a thing or two from us folks in Chesapeake City since your government in Elkton is run by a bunch of scoundrels!

  2. The unfortunate thing about those in elected office is that they believe they cannot learn from others. They believe they have been elected to “lead” and therefore seldom do they seek examples of leadership from others – especially from others within their own county.

    It’s not unusual – in Maryland as well as in Pennsylvania – but Mike is right – there’s a lot to be gleaned from how others run their governments. I just don’t think local leaders will admit they can adjust with the “ideas” from other locales. What needs to be found is an example from a like-size municipality somewhere else within Maryland.

    That way they can save face.

    And – what was The Whig thinking with their wacky justification of endorsing Sen. John McCain?

  3. Thanks Wayne for sharing some insight from the days on your beat as a newspaperman in Cecil and elsewhere.

    The Whig got around to endorsing the republician candidates for commissioner today and a few days ago they just couldn’t decide on slots. They said it was really up to each individual to decide on that tought one!

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