Planning Commission Changes Continue and We Continue To Wonder?

Soon after we started Someone Noticed to report on the “411 on the Mayor and Commissioners of Elkton” as the board manages the people’s business, we noticed the changes that were taking place on one of the important town committees, the planning commission.  That caused us to wonder what was going on there.  We’re still not sure though we did ask if there was a policy shift, a simple rotation to freshen up the members, or something else, but we didn’t get an answer.  Not getting an answer about a public policy doesn’t surprise us for we’ve learned to expect that from the political leadership.  

At the last regular meeting, we reported that another long time member, Bob Litzenberg, resigned.  A month prior to that we watched as Mayor Fisona initially dismissed the chairman of the committee, David Wiseman, but then reversed his position under pressure.

Thus a group that has six appointees now has two board members with experience, one of whom the mayor initiated the process of replacing as a appointee, but backed down. 

This makes Someone Notice wonder what’s going on.  It’s a critical time for the planning commission because the town is in the process of rewriting the comprehensive plan. 


Someone Noticed Post From Sept. 3 

Lots of Change – 50% of the Members of Planning Commission Are New

September 3, 2008 · No Comments

As we mentioned earlier we’re still working on trying to piece together a story, if there is one, on what’s happening with the planning commission.  We’ve made inquiries to get baseline information and we’ve also filed a few more Freedom of Information Act Requests.  We’ll keep you informed as we develop insight on this.

Here’s what we have right now.  In a question to the assistant town administrator about the make-up of the commission and the replacements, here’s the response we received from Kim.  Since we’re still trying to piece this puzzle together, we’ll just clip what we have at this point and begin figuring it out as we get enough information to enable us to write up a piece.  As it stands now 50% of the commission is new and that was slated to be higher except for a last minute reversal, after the mayor refused to appoint the chair of the committee. 

We’ve wondered about this before and on Sept. 3 inquired to get some information on the composition.  We’ll clip the response to that email so you can see where the composition in early Sept.   At that point, 50% of the members were so with LItzienberg’s resignation, the board is down to two tentured members and of those the Mayor attempted to replace Wiseman. 

We wonder what’s going on with this comittee, at a time when they starting to redo the town’s comprehensive plan.

The town web site section for committees is not working so we couldn’t get info off that part of


The Planning Commission is comprised of the following:


Dave Wisman

Robert Litzemberg

Dana Short

Asma Manejwala

Sue Whitaker

Fred Thomas


The last three names are the replacements for the following:

Patricia Voigt

Charles McCoy

Jeff Reynolds


Voigt and McCoy left because their terms were up and Reynolds resigned. According to Article V. of the Charter of the Town of Elkton, “the Mayor shall appoint, subject to the confirmation of the Board, the membership of all boards and commissions of the Town.”  If you have further questions regarding this matter, it would be best directed to the Mayor as he would have the appropriate answers.






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