New Cecil Times Post: Fifth District Commissioners Race: Home Cookin’ & Stewart’s Money

On election eve, Cecil Times is just out with a new post we think our readers will want to see.  It concerns the 5th district County Commissioners Race.  Click on the link at the bottom to read the entire piece.


Cecil Times:  Fifth District Commissioners Race:  Home Cookin’ & Stewart’s Money

The Republican and Democratic opponents in the Fifth District contest for Cecil County Commissioner have raised comparable amounts of campaign contributions, while write-in candidate Tom McWilliams has a secret weapon: his wife’s home cooking, according to campaign finance reports filed Oct. 24.  But some supporters of the two major candidates might be surprised at just who is donating to them.

McWilliams, a perpetual candidate who has previously run unsuccessfully for Commissioner and a school board seat, lost the Republican primary to Robert Hodge, a local businessman and farmer. McWilliams is waging an uphill struggle as a write-in candidate in the November election and has held yard sales and picnics, raising just $886 in direct contributions and $1,050 in fundraiser ticket purchases. He also loaned his campaign $6,000 in October. McWilliams lists $372 in in-kind donations, such as food and drinks for fundraising events. While several people donated appetizers valued at $10, his wife’s culinary contribution was valued at $50. A smart husband knows to compliment his wife’s cooking, even in politics.

Hodge reports raising a total of $21,405, including loaning his campaign $3,000. His Democratic opponent, Sharon Weygand, reports raising a total of $19,637, with no loans. The candidates are running for the seat now held by Commissioner Mark Guns, who decided not to run for re-election. Hodge has had a high-profile candidacy all year, with many paid billboard sites on highways around the county. Weygand seemed to have a lower profile-waving hand-held signs on Route 40- so it is perhaps surprising to see that she raised so much money and had no loans, according to the October reports. There could still be a last minute infusion of cash on both sides in the last week or so before the election, but we won’t know the final contributions tally until after the election when new reports are filed.

Weygand’s largest chunk of donations- $3,000- came from two entities related to the Stewart’s land development business: $1,500 from Stewart Associates Land Development, Inc., and $1,500 from York Building Products Co. Both firms have the same address in York, PA and are part of the Stewart Companies. Stewart’s, one of the largest landowners in the county, is banking heavily on approval of the statewide slots referendum and has signed an option deal with Penn National gaming that wants to develop a slots facility on Stewart land in Cecil County. York Building Products operates three sand and gravel production sites in Cecil County.

(Article Continues on Cecil Times)


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