WBAL Reports that Frank Kratovial Has Won First District Race

Two news source, WBAL and the Salisbury Daily Times (AP), are reporting this evening that Frank Kratovil has won the first district Congressional race.  We’ve clipped part of the WBAL story here and we are providing the links to both stories at the bottom of this piece.

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WBAL News – Kratovil Wins 1st District Seat Over Harris

ANNAPOLIS — Democrat Frank Kratovil has defeated Republican Andy Harris to win a seat that has been held by the GOP for 18 years in Maryland’s tight 1st District congressional race.  With the first of two rounds of absentee ballots counted, Kratovil had 49 percent of the vote to 48 percent for Harris and 2 percent for Libertarian Richard Davis. Kratovil’s election-night lead of 915 votes more than doubled to 2,003 after the first absentee ballot count was completed Friday.

About 4,800 provisional ballots will be counted Monday and an unknown number of absentee ballots will arrive by mail for a final count Nov. 14, but it would be nearly impossible for Harris to reverse the trend in which he has been losing nine of the 12 counties in the district.

In a statement Friday, Kratovil responded to his win, saying, “I am honored and humbled by the support I’ve received in this election and am clearly encouraged by where the numbers stand and the subsequent Associated Press announcement.

[continues on WBAL.  click here for full story]

Click here to go to story on the Salisbury Daily Times web site


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