More on BRAC

These days you hear a great deal about BRAC at local government meetings, in the Cecil Whig, and around the community as sources talk about how the relocation of military workers will impact the area and what we’re doing to attract this population.  The county, for example, has a full-time marketing director responsible for bringing tour groups here and conducting related sales activities.  A few months ago, the Mayor and Commissioners of Elkton voted to add an additional $10,000 to the funding stream it provides the Elkton Alliance, its Main Streets Agency.  This added revenue is designed to help the nonprofit market the town to relocatting BRAC workers.

You may also find a report done by the Sage group helpful in understanding the potential impacts.  When the report first appeared it was on several government and BRAC related web sites, but for some reason it is now difficult to find.  I find it helpful in that it was a professionally done report that provided estimates on what to expect.

I also find the Havre de Grace Record helpful on this subject in that it often provides a view that is different from the Cecil Whig and reports on aspects our local paper doesn’t cover.  Thus I make sure I read the Harford County weekly.  Here’s an cartoon editorial from the op/ed page of the Record on Oct. 24, 2008.  The Harford County papers have also done several pieces on how the state is cutting back on funding, which was designed to help with the BRAC transformation.


Havre de Grace Record Editorial Cartoon 10-20-2008


2 responses to “More on BRAC

  1. Mike,
    It is unfortunate that Cecil County is once again slow on the uptake for the incredible opportunity that BRAC could bring our county. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring well paying, tech-related jobs to a county that has a very low threshold of high-paying, education-dependent jobs.
    Just look at the state stats on the proportion of Cecil residents with a 4 year college degree. It is way up, to around 19 percent, in current state estimates, while the actual stats from the last census were around 16 percent. But that is STILL one of the worst rates for counties in Maryland, and an embarrassment when compared to regional stats from Delaware/ southern PA.
    We need substantive JOBS and a local mind-set to fulfill the needs of such jobs!

  2. I’m watching this with great interest. since I’m getting better info on the situation out of the Harford County papers, which address it more carefully and in a more balanced way. I grab the record each week since that paper will dig a little deeper and ask a few more questions beyond the talking points officials hand them.

    Cecil County has hired a full time marketing director to promote the county to the the BRAC workers and at a recent Elkton town meeting the town added an additional $10,000 to the Alliance so they can market the town.

    Thanks for posting your comments. Looking forward to more insightful pieces on Cecil Times.

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