Discussion About Waving Fees for Senior Apartment

Interesting discussion just occurred about a senior citizen apartment complex planned for High Street in downtown Elkton.  The discussion centered around the town waving about $64,000 in fees and also the fact that certain planning and zoning requirements would have to be waived.  As we’ve learned to anticipate, an interesting discussion occurred, along the usually lines with three members of the council (Mayor Fisona, Commissioners Jablonski & Piner) being in favor and Commissioners Storke and Givens voting against.  It seems to us that three of the commissioners knew a lot about this subject already, while the other two had interesting questions designed to understand the proposal. Three of the members voted to wave the fees, while Commissioners Storke and Givens voted against it.  I’ll get more out on this as I get more information, especially if the Whig doesn’t cover the subject in a couple of days.


2 responses to “Discussion About Waving Fees for Senior Apartment

  1. Crazy History Teacher

    That Charlie Givens is a smart man. He used to be the Basketball Coach at Perryville High School.

    Commissioner Givens and Commissioner Storke are the only two commissioners who think before they act!

  2. Crazy History Teacher:

    I agree. Having watched the town board for about 9 months now, I see two commissioners ask the harder questions that are designed to make sure the board understands the impacts of proposals on the town. That’s Commissioners Givens & Storke. They have far different styles, but whenver an idea comes up they’re the two that will ask the deeper questions on proposals and suggestions. I’ve too have been impressed with the questions that Commissioner Givens asks of the other board members, the professional staff, and people making proposals to the board. That’s one of the things you want your elected representatives to do, seeker a deeper understanding on proposals so informed votes can be made.

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