New Cecil County Political Blog Launched

We’ve mentioned many times that we’re pleased to see a healthy crop of blogs sprout up in 2008.  This new media, whatever your message, is such an excellent way to get information out to a wide audience.  It fills a badly needed gap in Cecil County and we encourage everyone to make more use of this technology.

With that in mind, we’re constantly searching the blogosphere for new Cecil County related sites.  We just found  a new one pertaining to the county, a weblog by Delegate Mike Smigiel.

We’ll add a link to our Cecil County Blogroll.  Here’s the link


5 responses to “New Cecil County Political Blog Launched

  1. Mike, I’d call Smigiel’s “blog” a self-promoting PR effort rather than a political blog. You will note he is suddenly bemoaning national economic issues: could it be he harbors Washington ambitions and might be angling to run for Congress? (That is, if his string-puller and ‘mentor’ Sen. Pipkin decides he doesn’t want to run against Frank Kratovil for Congress himself in 2 years and is aiming for governor instead.)
    I’d keep an eye on this blog not for any over-arching political wisdom but for reading the tea leaves of what Mike and EJ are plotting for their own futures.

  2. Crazy History Teacher

    I know Delegate Smigiel is a republican, but he IS NOT one of those filthy good for nothing scoundrels like George W. Bush or Dick Cheyney, HE’S ACTUALLY A GOOD GUY! I voted for him!

    Besides if he wanted to be a senator, he would of moved to Illinois. I hear they’re looking for a new Senator up there!

  3. Nancy,

    I thank you for your comments. I will be sure to share them with the Senator. It would be helpful in responding if you would cite to any specific bill you claim I have supported that is “right wing”. I am proud of my record and willing to debate each and every vote.

    Instead of engaging in anonymous character assassination how about engaging in real political debate. Don’t hide behind the name “ceciltimes”
    or have your employees write in for you
    sign your own name, Nancy Schwerzler.

    Yours in Public Service,

    Michael D. Smigiel, Sr.

  4. I think it is great that Del. Smigiel is communicating using this tool. Naysayers like ceciltimes bore me – .

  5. Dang right Katie. I’m glad to see that Delegate Mike got one of them blogger things going too partner.

    Aren’t too many of them politicans in Cecil County that are willing to speak up for the people, but ole Delegate Mike sure does.

    I seen him in action last year when those there commissioners raised our taxes. At least he tried to look out for us.

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