Town’s Leadership Says Developers Interested in New Projects Should Support Recreation Center

Regular readers of Someone Noticed will recall that this blog started when the town attempted to sell public park land, which it had acuired through grants provided by the State of Maryland.  That issue dominated many meetings for over half-a-year.  Finally in October, the Mayor suggested the Board cease consideration of a proposal that would have sold the historic property to a commercial developer.  Although we blogged that breaking news live back in October and commented on it in more detail for a few days, we didn’t get around to check the official minutes to see how the discussion was recorded in town records.  Well we’ve done it now, and you’ll see the portion of the minutes dealing with the subject below. 


Mayor Fisona suggested that the Board cease consideration of the proposal to place a recreational facility on a parcel located adjacent to the Elk Landing property. He said a recreational facility should remain at the forefront.

Commissioner Piner concurred with Mayor Fisona’s comments that a recreational center should remain at the forefront. He stated that developers interested in projects in town should provide support for a recreational center. Commissioner Jablonski concurred with Mayor Fisona and Commissioner Piner’s comments.

Ms. Minner suggested recreational center needs could be discussed during the Town’s Comprehensive Plan review process. The Board concurred with Ms. Minner’s suggestion.

Commissioner Storke said applicants for annexation should support a recreational facility as well as pay for infrastructure to support the increase in demands on Town services.

Commissioner Givens questioned the ages of children enrolled in Elkton’s Parks & Recreation


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