We Still Need Old Media

In reading our online papers this evening, we tripped across an interesting column over on the Yahoo News by Susan Estrich about how we still need legacy media in this age of blogs, social networking, and news aggregators.  “Everyone who cares about politics or government or the arts or culture” still needs newspapers even if we don’t sit down an read the print edition anymore, she advises.  Continuing she notes:  ” . . .   Talking about the news is easy. Finding it, digging for it and separating what’s accurate from what’s not are laborious, time-consuming and often unrewarding tasks.  Newspapers, even the best of them, make plenty of mistakes.  I’ve been their target often enough to know that.  But in this information age, we need them and the professional standards of reporting and editing to which they aspire, even if they do not always meet them.”

We certainly agree with that for a strong local newspaper is important for informed public discourse involving the more complex political issues in a community.  That sort of indepth reporting, more than the police and fire beat, provides insights that aren’t readily available from other local sources.  Digging up and reporting on hard news is also a way to maintain or increase circulation and revenue for the publishers, as legacy media tranforms itself for the delivery of 21st century information. 

Anyway, we thought the piece was informative and noticed that in this area the Star Democrat out of Easton carried it.  Surf on over and check it out at Yahoo News


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