Attempts to Sell Maryland Public Open Space Program Land Damages Credibility State Delegation Says

As we do most evenings we surfed around the blogosphere to catch up on the day’s Cecil County news.  Over on Delegate Smigiel’s new blog, a headline, which immediately got our attention, caused us to carefully read an informative posting there. The piece opens by saying there were several newsworthy issues which were not reported by the local paper at the delegation’s annual meeting with governmental and nonprofit groups. Several of them concerning the school board, economic development and others were interest as we try to stay informed about local government, but the one we found most relevant to us concerned the preservation of Maryland Public Open Space Land in Cecil County. Regular readers of this blog will recall that this is exactly the reason this blog was launched.

When the Elk Landing Foundation appeared before the legislators, the delegation inquired as to why the nonprofit board would entertain the idea of selling land recently purchased with State of Maryland Public Open Space Program funds to a commercial developer. The Foundation replied that it wasn’t their idea, but was a proposal of the Mayor and Commissioners of the Town of Elkton. The delegation remarked that their credibility is damaged by attempts such as this since they work to get more State Open Space Funding.  They suggested that the delegation be consulted before the Town of Elkton attempts to sell land purchased with state funds in the future. Someone Noticed agrees and we thank the legislators for reinforcing this point.  The Maryland Public Open Space program is a valuable one and the lands put into the public domain should not be for sale soon after the property is acquired.  We thank the delegation for reinforcing this point.  Hopefully if someone should attempt such a move again, they will realize that some will notice. 

Citizens seeking to stay informed will find several of the other commentaries in the posting on the other blog of interest, so you may want to surf over and check out the entire article. Click here for the full piece on subjects that came up but weren’t covered by the Whig such as the school board, economic development, and bills under consideration for the session.


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