Cecil County Young Republican Club Now Adds Local Content to the Blogosphere

Another local blogging site has launched.  This  one is for the Cecil County Young Republican Club, which created its web-l0g in early November.   The club says it hopes to keep readers informed of local, state, and national political happenings.

We’re always pleased to see new local blogging sites that focus on producing county news, information, and commentary spring to life.   This year was a good one for a number of active contributors were created, thus establishing outlets for more local information.  The mark of a successful product is one that is regularly updated with fresh content of the type that a specific or broad audience will read regularly.  Someone Noticed suggests sites focus on local issues, unless the contributor really has something unique to say.  The larger scene is loaded with plenty of talented insightful bloggers so its hard to add much more to that level, but in the county market there isn’t nearly as much content available and there are topics crying out for some attention.

We encourage more groups to use this web 2.0 technology for it does efficiently facilitate the ability to share information and it is a method that will grow substantially.  It is so inexpensive since the barriers for producing a product are almost totally eliminated, unlike producing a print newsletter.  It also provides a way to share your group’s news, information or opinions to a wide universe of people.  Now that the Republicans in the county are getting the hang of this new media, hopefully we’ll see some action from the Democrats in 2009.  Perhaps the Cecil County Young Democrats will launch a site.  We’d also like to see some of the other advocacy groups start using this method too.  An independent or too pumping out political commentary would also be helpful and add to our ability to triangulate on a range of news sources, sort of like in the old days when there was more than one local newspaper covering a story.

As the number of sites with helpful content grows, it would be easy to launch a Cecil County Blogroll or Directory so anyone would have a starting point for finding more indepth, focused Cecil County news.  We also notice that in many places creative types are also launching these digital media projects as alternative community newspapers based on a business model.  In some towns, legacy media has decided to leverage its brand by creating a strong digital news portal, which works with a convergence of print, the web, and video, couple with lots of free web traffic.  In others places, an individual just starts the site and builds it quickly from the ground-up by word of mouth and web links.


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