Cambridge City Council Takes 10% Salary Cut

Local governments are facing challenging times as tax revenues falls sharply across the nation.  To cope with the loss of income, towns and counties are considering a range of actions from cuts in services to tax increases.  In Cambridge, MD.,  the City Council last week voted to cut the sealsalary of its elected members by 10% as that board starts on the difficult task of cutting services, increasing taxes, or finding efficiency opportunities.  We congratulate Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley and the Commissioners of Cambridge for taking this step, which sets the right tone for managing the recession.

Having watched the Mayor Commissioners of the Town of Elkton for most of 2008, it appeared, long before the economy slipped into a deep, deep recession, that the town was going to face challenges balancing its budget.   We were often surprised by the depth of these early financial signals and now wonder how the Board has been affected by a far steeper decline than they anticipated.  In fact, at a spring 2008 budget setting meeting when there were tentative signs of a housing downtourn and layoffs one commissioner commented that it was only going to be brief and should be much better for the next fiscal year.  At the time it made us wonder, which financial papers they were reading for it was not what we were seeing in the Economist, the Wall Street Journal and other sources.

 During the year we only noted two commissioners addressing the burden that is created for Elkton taxpayers, Commissioners Storke and Givens.  The other board members were either silent or supported new, costly proposals.  (One of those very costly proposals was the reason this blog was launched, but there were others.)  Perhaps we missed the attempts of other board members to control costs and we’re open to posting additional information here if there are missed observations.   We have some illuminating audio that illustrates this point and we’ve found that the in their own word pieces best provides insight on board actions.  We may post some of those latter and let you hear their voices.  It is most informative.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to watch the Mayor and Commissioners work to balance the budget for the upcoming fiscal year and select solutions that are going to be challenging.


2 responses to “Cambridge City Council Takes 10% Salary Cut

  1. Kudos to Cambridge and their town administration

    Would that the Elkton Mayor and Town Commissioners and the Cecil County Commissioners and State legislators follow suit !!!

    It is becoming frigtening for Senior Citizens out here.

    It is getting to be frigtening out here for seniors.

  2. Andy:

    We agree too. The Mayor and Commissioners of Cambridge are providing leadership in these challenging times. Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley was quoted by the Banner as saying: “It is something I brought up in light of our financial situation. I want to take the leadership to show the city we are serious about holding everyone accountable for saving as much as we can of our budget. We are very seriouis about showing we want to improve our financial debt and it takes this little bit to show.”

    We’ll see how Elkton handles it as they get busy preparing to set the tax levy on the people for the new fiscal year. How will they meet the challenges they are aboslutely going to have? We’ve only seem two commissioners (Storke & Givens) talk about controlling the cost of new proposals at the town meetings over the past year. Again, if we missed some attempts to control cost burdens on new projects and proposals, we’ll be more than happy to spread the word on Someone Noticed.

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