Restored Landmark Hotel Closes in Berlin, MD

One of the fine Maryland Main Streets that has had significant success and that we enjoy visiting a few times each year is Berlin.  Fifteen or more years ago, they began revitalizing this old business district by preserving the historic fabric of the downtown, renovating the landmark hotel in the center of the business area and getting some first class restaurants.  As all of this came together, those beautiful late 19th century structures began to fill once again with antiques stores and specialty shops.  That unified strategy, consistent with the approach recommend by the Nation al Main Streets program, worked magnificently in that attractive shopping district.  When you visited there you found a lively downtown with shoppers in the stores and guests staying in the Atlantic Hotel, which has been restored to its Victorian-era charm.  When you tossed in the hotel’s five star restaurant, one had the perfect ingredients for drawing visitors. 

This evening while reading the Daily Times online we found that the Berlin landmark, one of the pillars of downtown commerce and revitalization, has closed.  That’s very disappointing to hear for we enjoyed our overnight stays in the Atlantic Hotel and the fine meals in the restaurant, which were coupled with some enjoyable time strolling on downtown streets that had a late 19th century feel, rather than acres of parking lots.

We surfed over to the Berlin MD Blog to see if there was any additional news, but didn’t find a posting.  We’ll keep checking to see if we can pick up some information on this.


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