Closed Meeting Over SPCA Allegations Is Wrong for All Stakeholders

On this icy January evening as a little frozen drizzle falls on Cecil County and we comfort our pets (two stray cats and a dachshund) , the weather and the scope of this still unfolding story calls us to make two more remarks.

We read over on the Chesapeake City Mirror that the Cecil County Commissioners are going to hold a closed door meeting to begin an examination on this subject in private.  We don’t know if this was ever the right thing to do back when it first surfaced, but it is definitely not the right thing now for the county, the SPCA, the taxpayers, and the animals.  This has escalated far too much with allegations of attacks on individual character, the depth of the complaints, and with the walls of silence that built up over the past few months.  This needs the sunshine of good, open government so everyone can now make sure all the political leadership is doing the right things and to restore public trust, which we believe has been badly shaken by these allegations.

We do hope the Whig made a mistake on its Friday evening web posting for surely the county commissioners want to do the proper thing which is evidence based fact-finding, providing appropriate care for animals, and restoring public trust.  They surely don’t want to appear to be involved in this  issue beyond making sure things are done correctly and that the county’s tax dollars are appropriately utilized.  It is not the way for a new county administration to start off its term in office.

Finally, there have been more than enough attacks, perhaps from both sides, as we read these allegations.  Attacks need to stop.   Someone Noticed was talking with a senior law enforcement official today about this ugly, ugly matter and he remarked that as an experienced investigator it was a sure tip off for him that something was deeply wrong with a case when the subject started attacking a person’s character.  If they had fact-based arguments to support their contentions they would always use those to build a defense.  That sounds right to us so we’ll see what the next few days bring on these complaints.

By-the-way, while we were fully aware of the power of the Net and blogs for spreading the word, we learned something as we watched this one develop.  Craig’s List, the Internet portal that essentially robbed newspapers of classified advertising is an excellent tool for getting the world out.  The animal’s rights people have used this effectively in this situation.  If you want to see what we mean surf over to the many Craig’s lists in the area and do a word search.  The next time we’re involved in a hot advocacy matter, we’ll remember that simple technique.


3 responses to “Closed Meeting Over SPCA Allegations Is Wrong for All Stakeholders

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  2. We need to hold a rally and vigil.

    Spread the word on every breed group [many are at] and to all your friends and animal lovers. post this on CRAIGSLIST TOO> they will get behind this movement. Finally write letters to Gov. O’Malley and inform him of the website of Delegate Smigiel. Demand action against Deeming [do a google on her name, maybe we can organize a protest rally outside hr house and humiliate her in public, notifying the press like FOXBaltimore news.

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