Former Editor Familiar With the Cecil County Beat Comments on News Coverage

After a blog-storm blew up in Cecil County, almost overnight, we were pleased to see Wayne Fenstermacher, a former Cecil County editor, providing insights and commentary related to media coverage on the rapidly moving SPCA story on a number of sites.  When we first started Someone Noticed because we couldn’t get print coverage after Elkton attempted to let a developer have some park land, Wayne contributed informative pieces reflecting on local politics and the area press to the web-logs at that time too.

Wayne started publishing the Rising Sun Herald in 1989, which was that community’s first locally originated product since the Whig purchased the previous weekly in the late 1930s.  (The Herald is now in its 20th year.)  That was about the time we met the 20-something journalist. After that, as we watched his career advance in journalism and corporate affairs, we were impressed with his energy and ability to go after a hot story. He managed several lively small town papers, the type people grabbed up for he and his columnists knew how to do a little digging and reporting. These were pieces that required the ability to do some investigations, much more than just quoting what he or she said though as I recall he always included comments from both sides.

Some people disagreed with his pieces, especially politicians, but whether you thought he had it right or not, you made sure you grabbed that weekly and read it. I recall some challenging pieces about local politicians, as well as the actions of town and county government. He knew how to take stuff and present it in a popular, engaging style, while challenging conventional wisdom.  Newspapers could use more writers like that to get people engaged in their product these days. 

Whatever the case, we’re always pleased to see Wayne’s informative comments. Here’s a link to one he posted over on the Chesapeake City Mirror, commenting about the current coverage of the SPCA allegations.  Someone Noticed is inviting the journalist to write a guest column for us about the state of small town papers these days, particularly from the local perspective. Wayne knew this beat very well and produced copy that readers sought out. Wayne our columns are open to you if you ever want to write a piece.


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