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It’s sad but we guess the broadcast airwaves for the 11:00 p.m. Baltimore news cycle are going to be filled with these stories.  Perhaps if we had moved for a thorough investigation when the complaints surfaced early on, the intensity of this situation could have been headed off.   But, whatever the case, that’s where we are right now, Cecil County headlining the late evening news out of  Baltimore.  We think all the stations were here and WJZ moved a story on the 6:00 p.m. news, indicating that they will have an update after the commissioner’s meeting.

All we can do now is sit back and see how they cover the county and then do what should have been done as soon as serious allegations surfaced, sought out an independent investigation, which was in the interest of everyone.


5 responses to “News at 11:00

  1. Since 2001, Maryland statutes allow for animal cruelty to be prosecuted as a felony – with max fines of up to $5,000 as well as sentencing that allows mandatory counseling and prohibition of animal ownership if warranted. (according to:

    I think the States Attorney in Cecil County should empanel a Grand Jury and take sworn testimony. I don’t believe there will be any physical evidence to be had at the shelter.

    However, much like children are removed from their homes when abuse is expected, someone needs to come up with a solution to protect the animals that remain at the shelter. There have been offers of assistance until this is all settled out – and that should be explored – NOW.

    One day longer in what could be an abusive or neglectful environment is just inconceivable. If anyone says otherwise, let’s let them board their animal there until things are straightened out.

  2. Hear Hear! I second that!

  3. Animal hoarding should be classified as cruelty and prosecuted as such. I have a neighbor who has a house full of cats and the authorities do nothing. Most of these animals are sick, and from reading about animal hoarding cases, I fear this person probably has corpses in her house too. The police and SPCA hate dealing with her and of course there is no law governing this behavior, unlike in other counties. So her cats and their hundreds of offspring infest the neighborhood and surrounding area, and people have been moving out because of her harassment and the damage her cats cause to everyone’s property.

    The SPCA’s alleged cruelty is sickening, but their incompetence in dealing with the cat problem, and the lack of sufficient laws governing animal hoarding has caused suffering to far more animals for years and years, yet this issue gets zero publicity or action.

  4. wheres_the_evidence

    Mayor Fisona was present at the meeting and heard the stories of Mr. Hawkins rampaging within town limits discharging a firearm. It is my understanding that it is illegal to discharge a firearm within town limits. As Mayor, I would hope that he would fulfill his obligation to uphold the law and direct his police force to gather evidence and arrest this angry, violent character. I know if I was shooting a gun in my yard, I’d quickly become a guest down at CCDC.

  5. Wayne, Thank you for the link to the Pet Abuse website. It is interesting to see all the various state laws on animal cruelty described in an organized fashion. I noticed that five states do not currently have a law regardfing animal cruelty/abuse. I hope this situation will son change.
    While surfing the net the other night I came accross an article in Richmond, Indiana Palladium-Item newspaper noting that the Indiana legislature has a bill that would add the act of killing an animal to their exisiting animal abuse law which only covers acts of torture and neglect. Nationwide, progress is being made in the area of animal welfare. Cecil County should follow suit and clean up the mess at CCSPCA.
    Your Humble and Obedient Servant,
    Silence Nogood

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