Whig Says Closed Door Meeting Could Take Place

As for the Whig, we noticed they appear to be delivering a legal opinion today when a news section piece said: “That meeting could have been closed to the public and press under state law because the SPCA is a contracted service with the county and the subject matter would have involved personnel issues.” An interesting assertion by the Whig for our Black’s Law Dictionary doesn’t support the employee-employer relationship the daily newspaper is able to see in this contract situation. Under the Whig’s interpretation of the law, anyone with a contract with the county could ask for a closed door meeting to discuss personnel! Beyond the legal argument, we are sure the commissioners simply want to bring public trust to this and should the law have allowed a closed meeting, it would not be the right political thing for them to do. Of course, Someone Noticed will let the legal professionals, the Whig and the politicians sort out this complex matter!


3 responses to “Whig Says Closed Door Meeting Could Take Place

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  3. The true shame is that we don’t have a State government entity that will enforce the “sunshine law.” Although there are fines for violations, the Board will tell the uninformed that there is nothing they can do.

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