Commissioner Attends SPCA Board Meeting To Investigate Matter

Since this SPCA mess brewed up, the blogs have been overloaded with comments and traffic.  But to try to bring some amount of clarity to a situation that grows more confusing with every twist and turn we take a strict approach to the comments we allow past our filters.  However we received one several hours ago, which we are going to let to go up, since it asks for a confirmation on an action we hope is untrue.  Someone apparently thoroughly familiar with inside activities at the SPCA and county government (or someone trying to shake things up with more rumors), reports that County Commissioner Hodge attended the SPCA board meeting.  We took note the other evening when he informed the assembled crowd that he was going to personally investigate the matter, since we thought the remark was a little unusual considering the state of things, especially after the board said it was going to seek an Attorney General’s investigation.

This is not the course or action to take with this situation now.  What is called for is an independent fact-finding investigation.  For the benefit of all stakeholders this is what is required now (see our earlier post for more details.)  The more people climbing through the mess the more contaminted the data field gets for investigators coming in to try to sort it out and get to verifiable facts.

An Update On Commissioner Hodge’s Investigation Would Be Helpful

Perhaps someone from the SPCA or county government can officially update the public what the commissioner’s investigative visit to the SPCA uncovered or better we would hope that we will find out that it is just another Internet Rumor.  Please Board of Commissioners see that an independent investigation takes place. Here’s what we said on that earlier

Many of the blogs in the county got the same post and we see that CanalSide, a blog that we respect a lot has a couple of new comment, including one about rumors and motives.

BLOG POST — 3:27 p.m.

“I heard that a meeting of the CCSPCA occurred last night and that the meeting was attended by County Commissiner Robert Hodge. Can you or any other Canal Side bloggers confirm this sighting? If the Commissioner was at the meeting why was he there? The County Commissioners received heavy critism from the public for their attempt to hold a private meeting with Ms. Shwerlzer. The commissioners held an open public meeting on Tuesday night which drew a large an orderly crowd. Why would one commissioner After this show of good faith why would one commissioner unilaterally meet in private with SPCA management persoinnel? What is going on?”


2 responses to “Commissioner Attends SPCA Board Meeting To Investigate Matter

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  2. Look at that picture, good grief, are they really a “board”, pleeeeeze. They look like cartoon characters!!!!

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