Whistle Stop Express Greeted by Hundreds in Cecil

Our other blogs focus on subjects other than the “411 on the Mayor and Commissioners of the Town of Elkton,” though the current confusing political tangle involving Cecil County Government and the SPCA has Someone Noticed distracted from its core mission.  We hope it’ll get resovled professionally by the political leadership and that is not by having a Cecil County Government Committe conduct the investigation.  We’ll get back to that subject shortly and perhaps we’ll call our headline “Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer” because we’re a little (just a little) hopeful.  We’ll also prepare a more insightful piece on how blogs changing governance at the national and local level.  Perhaps we’ll call that one “Puppy-Gate,” playing off the way blog were involved in major incidents with Trent Lott and Dan Rather.  Too often in communities across the country reporters for print media are too worried about being friendly to the political leadership and don’t ask challenging questions or dig deep enough. 

But right now before we stray too far tonight, we want to mention one of our history blogs.  We posted two piece there today about the President-Elect passing through Cecil County.  We thought you might want to see them, so we’re announcing the pieces  here since “Puppy-Gate” has the blogosphere still churning from the Cecil County blog “storm-of-the-century.”


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