A Great Deal at Brother’s Pizza

As the dinner hour rolled around, we started contemplating where we should go on this freezing Saturday evening.  We have a number of favorite restaurants in nearby Newark and Port Deposit so we often head to one of those destinations.  But this evening as we cruised down Elkton’s quiet Main Street a handmade sign in front of Brother’s pizza caught our attention.  It advertised a large cheese pizza for $5.99 and since we always enjoy Mario’s Italian offerings, the sign did the trick.  Plenty of parking was available so we slipped into one of the spaces and went inside to have a pleasant conversation with the Brothers’ Crew as they cooked up several orders.  The meal, which was easy on our wallet, was excellent.  Think of what we would have spent elsewhere so if you’re looking for good quality, reasonably priced food, check out this Main Street eatery.

These are tough times for Main Street merchants across the nation and the business people in downtown Elkton particularly feel the pinch.  When nearly 200-county workers moved to the Delaware Line, the loss was noticeable.  (The Rising Sun Herald documented the impact on Main Street in an excellent piece in that weekly.)  We were surprised the revitalization authority didn’t do lots more to keep those workers downtown since having a large workforce in the business district is an essential part of an economic recovery plan.   Since that took place in January of 2008, a few other employers have relocated workers, taking them out of the old business district.  Each time the business district losses a cluster of workers, it hurts.  We thus try to support the remaining Main Street merchants as much as we can.

Also congratulations Mario for coming up with such a cost-effective advertising idea.  The cost of ads in newspapers is prohibitive for many small business in these challenging economic times and you have to wonder how many people will read a small display ad.  But that temporary sign is doing the trick for it is alerting customers to a bargain that they’ll be hard pressed to match anywhere else.

While individual merchants do what they can to promote their business, the Town of Elkton is working at a higher level.  For well over 10-years it had funded a revitalization authority.  Located in offices at the corner of North and Main streets two staffers develop economic development strategies, which are focused on drawing potential customers downtown with programs such as music on Main.   But even with the substantial municipal support, the challenges are enormous.   But we think Mario has hit on a cost-effective idea with his temporary sign and there is no cost to anyone.

Stop in soon.  You will be warmly welcomed, you can’t beat the cost of the special, other items are reasonably priced, and the food is good.



One response to “A Great Deal at Brother’s Pizza

  1. I saw that sign the other other day and it worked for me. I stopped in amd had a declicious meal at a very resonable price accompianied by fast and courteous service. If more Elkton merchants would follow the lead of the folks at Brother’s and use signage to advertise specials I would patronize their bsisnesses as well.

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