Late Winter Storm Dumps 8″ of Snow on Elkton

 A late winter storm, which descended on the Elkton area around dusk Sunday evening, slowed the pace of activity in Cecil County Monday morning.  Once the storm passed on up the Atlantic Coast heading toward New England, the National Weather Service reported that the accumulation at Elkton as of 11:30 a.m. was 8-inches.  Port Deposit reported 5-inches, while Charlestown escaped with 3.3-inches.  Although the main roads were cleared early in the day, the blowing wind is causing problems with drifting this evening, particularly in the open areas on rural roads.  We suspect many students are betting that schools will be closed again tomorrow, as public works crews struggle with the wind, trying to keep drifts off county roads.


Snow gently blankets the lawn of Rev. Duke's colonial era log house in Elkton.


2 responses to “Late Winter Storm Dumps 8″ of Snow on Elkton

  1. Silence Nogood

    What a wonderful photograph. Rev. Duke would be happy.

  2. Really nice shot Mike! I was out and about doing the same. 🙂

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