Constant Yield Tax Rate & Other Important Subjects up for Discussion Wed by Political Leadership

Here is a listing of items the commissioners plan to discuss Wed afternoon.  It includes important subjects related to developing the budget, a study of water & sewer rates (which could be very important to rate payers) and a discussion on that ever important constant yield tax rate.  Since these are of importance to anyone observing the town’s political leadership as it goes about the people’s business and to taxpayers, this is exactly the reason we have repeated our suggestion that it would be helpful to publish the workshop schedules.  That way citizens will know what the commissioners are planning to discuss and if it touches on an area of interest to the stakeholder, he or she can plan to attend the meeting.  It really wouldn’t be all thatifficult and other places seem to pull it off, without much difficulty.

·       Discussion – Municipal Financial Services Group Water & Sewer Rate Study Proposal

·       Discussion – Budgets – Departments of Parks & Recreation and Planning

·       Discussion – KCI Engineering

·       Discussion – Constant Yield Tax Rate


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