Elkton Announces Workshop on 3/11.

The town’s policital leadership has advised that it will hold a workshop on March 11 at 4:00 p.m.  The announcement does not indicate the items that are going to discussed at the meeting.  This practice of not listing the important items the board is going to examine, contrasts with the norms of other area local governments.  For example, we just surfed over to the Cecil County and Chesapeake City government sites.  Both of those local entities manage to publish the items they are considering.  This is a helpful practice for good government since it allows citizens to participate in the process and stay informed.

We’ve mentioned this before, when we wrote a piece called a Tale of Two Towns.  We strongly encourage the town to consider this opportunity to help keep citizens informed.  It is at these meetings that the commissioners typically get the details on proposals, ask questions, and decide how they’re going to vote on an issue.  Unless something most extraordinary happens, they will simply cast their vote at the monthly meeting.

Mayor and Commissioners please consider following the practice of other area governments and publish the agenda of your workshops.  It helps promote the involvement of citizens and keeps everyone informed.


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