Lots of News at Elkton Meeting

We’re always amazed at how much news ocurs at Elkton Town Meetings.  This evening’s session was no different and we’ll post a series of pieces over the next several days to keep readers of Someone Noticed informed. Perhaps the Whig will jump in and help out too since there’s plenty to go around.

One positive note from last Wednesday’s workshop, the daily paper eventually got around to covering most of the important happenings at the meeting.  The big story, as we saw it, Lewis George’s recommendation for additional tax burden for Elkton residents, ran this morning.  We thought that was the headline story from the meeting seven days ago.

One other media related matter, Commissioner and Elkton Alliance Director Jablonski told the public that the Whig was working on a story about business conditions in downtown Elkton.  That is a significant story and one that has importance to the overall climate of the community.  We hope the Whig will dig deeply into this and present a comprehensive piece.  In Early 2008, thje County Administrative Offices moved out of downtown, taking 200 workers with them and that had a serious affect on the business community.  The county’s weekly paper, the Herald, did an excellent balanced piece on that, documetning it for current subscribers and archiving it for future reasearch.  After some amount of prodding the Whig finally got around to doing a short piece on that important transformation downtown, but it wasn’t like anything we were seeing or like the piece the Herald did.  A reader decades later would be puzzled as to one which accurately depicted the situation.

We think we’ll dig into this some too, so we can have a balance of perspectives.  That’ll be good for everyone to document how things are going downtown.


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