Readership Way Up on the Blog

With our virtual dashboard we are able to see lots of information and data about our web traffic.  One trend over the past eight or nine days is that our traffic has gone way up.  People are clicking on the Town of Elkton pieces and our commentaries on Cecil Whig coverage.  It’s good to see that there’s an interest in Elkton meetings and our commentaries on the local newspaper.  We’ve seen trends like this before when the town of Elkton was undertaking controversial actions and we were covering them.  One time in particular was when Elkton Alliance Director Jablonski was pushing to turn some public land over to a developer.  Whenever she made remarks about the situation at the town meeting, and we’d respond our traffic would go way up.  In the past publishers always knew that a good story pulled the readers in, but somehow those well paid executives forgot to make sure the papers dug up those stories.


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