Milt Diggins Posts Thoughtful Remarks About Closing of Judy’s Java

Historian and author Milt Diggins was a regular at Judy’s Java. (You’d find him there a couple of times a day on most Thursdays when he ventured up to the countyseat.) Soon after we wrote about the closing, he posted a comment in the feedback section of the blog. It was so thoughtful that we’ve elevated it to the front of the web-log so more net surfers could see the remarks.


Post by Milt Diggins From Comments Section

Judy’s Java provided Elkton with a quality place for people to gather for conversation, a casual lunch or snack, a cup of coffee or tea or an upgraded variation. The staff at Judy’s Java added to that sense of community with genuine smiles, soft humor, and dependable service. Cathy created a cultural setting with the open mic nights on Friday nights and special events. Wireless service was there for those who desired the opportunity to go online. In vibrant towns, you will find at least one of these coffeehouses filled with community energy and vitality; generally, the more vibrant the town, the more of these places you will find.

Elkton did not simply lose another business. Judy’s Java was a place of warmth , laughter, and sense of community in the heart of town. With Judy’s Java gone the heartbeat of downtown Elkton grows fainter.


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