Downtown Elkton Barber Shop Robbed

Before daylight this morning, an armed robbery took place at Jim’s Barber Shop in Elkton.  The male. using a knife to rob the downtown business, took off with the barber shop’s cash register.   By-the-way, one of the concerns mentioned by Cathy of Judy’s Java when she made comments to the commissioners was about the crime problems downtown.  She said she thought she felt threatened twice and there were lots of lesser problems related to drugs and prostitution which were affecting the business climate.

13 responses to “Downtown Elkton Barber Shop Robbed

  1. jennifer snellings-Barber

    this towns goin to hell in a hand basket. Animals slaughtered at our countys shelter,Robbing a barber shop. And we can’t even go to our favorite coffee hang out to disscuss the towns demise? What’s next.?

  2. What the hell is going on????? This county is a train wreck with NO REAL leadership and plenty of corruption though!!!

  3. Melane & Jenifer: Elkton definitly has some significant challenges to overcome and I hope they’ve recognized them and have plans to deal with them. Crime is one. Judy’s Java made the point a few days earlier and then you have this hold-up at the barber shop. I’m always amazed at the storis I hear about things happening on the street and it is something that needs to be addressed in the plans.

  4. I admire your intelligent, cool response when some people with their own political screaming try to insert that into your thoughtful discussions.
    Can someone please tell me what a criminal robber– probably high on illegal drugs– who robs a barber shop has to do with Jennifer’s rant about “slaughtered” animals– what cop or court has ruled on that, huh? And what does “Melanie” and her claims about government “corruption” have to do with what seems to clearly be a street crime ?
    Please, sir, you are better than to allow such wild accusations on your blog. You responded with dignity and integrity, but i don’t think these crazy people should have been published by you in the first place.
    We have a very serious crime problem in Elkton and it is important to get to the bottom of why it is happening, and why the town and county cops are not dealing with these problems.
    But please do not let such people use your good name and the respect i and a lot of other people have for you to print these silly and crazay comments.

  5. Louise: I agree. The Town of Elkton invests a great deal in restoring its downtown and they’ve done that for over a decade, while things slip. I just wonder how comprehensive the plan is to deal with the range of serious challenges and growing challenges. I’m not sure they recognize the need to address the quality of environment issues or the larger structural problems. But it’s not a government plot but perhaps just a failure to recognize what needs to be done.

    It is not a lack of financial resources from the town, as some say. I’m going to write some more thoughtful pieces on this shortly, but I want to get time to do it so it’s reasonably clear. There was a great deal of noise about this at the town meeting the other night, including reports on the town’s investment, as reported by a citizen.

    I keep the blog open to most comments provided they don’t stray too far in attacks on people and individual name calling. We’ve edited a few of them out and refused to post a few.

    Though more than this one, I think you’ll probaby have issues with my last assessment on the Whig’s op/ed piece today.

    Anyway thanks for the feedback.

  6. Greetings Louise,

    First of all, you do not know me, okay? Second, the last time I checked, I am an American citizen that can speak about what I want. Third, I have extreme respect for Mike and admire his work!

    I have never been disrespectful in any of my posts here. And I never will !

    Yes, the crime in Elkton is horrible and we will be seeing more if this county and leaders do not make some serious changes!

    That is “your” opinion to call people names; crazy, silly, etc….And be be very clear: “I would never yell out Mike”!

    A lot of information has come up regarding this county and government, and I would keep my eyes WIDE open.

    Have a great weekend~

  7. What strikes me as crazy is someone who makes a comment about other commenters under an assumed name….who are you REALLY “Louise” and what qualifies you to label these people as “silly” or “crazy”? You make the assumption that a “cop” or a “court” has to rule on something to make it so. What about eyewitnesses , photographs and other physical evidence (such as a bullet hole in your dog?) I suppose that doesn’t count unless a judge says so, right? Well maybe you will get your wish soon! Sounds like you are on the defensive about something. It always amuses me when people try to control other people or their blogs. In any case, I am glad don’t live in Elkton. It sounds like a pretty scary place to be. What a shame.

  8. I did just think of something else….”Jennifer” did not say one word about: “slaughtered” animals” (as Louise posted).

    So, where did that come from?

    Sounds like the bully is trying to come back, huh?

  9. Paging Crazy History Teacher– come back, all is forgiven and I am really starting to miss your comments. Maybe you can teach reading comprehension, as well as your usual subject, to Miss Melanie…

  10. Crazy Old History Teacher

    Aww….I’m so touched by your comment Louise….just for you, I added Old to my name.

    I can’t teach reading comprehension to Melanie….In 30 plus years of teaching in this miserable school system, I’ve forgotten what reading comprehension is!


  11. Crazy Old History Teacher

    As for you Janelle, WATCH WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT PEOPLE POSTING UNDER ASSUMED NAMES! Have you ever met our Superintendent!? He’s the reason why I post under assumed names. That guy is scary as fire and brimstone! I thought we were going to get rid of the “OLD” guy but NO! Those idiots decided to keep him because the other candidates were “unfit” for the job!

  12. Talked to some merchants in Elkton today, they are putting together a neighborhood watch.

    Thanks Louise, just making sure you were on your toes 🙂 Have a fantastic weekend~

  13. Dear Crazy YOUNG History Teacher,
    So nice to hear from you again. You are young at heart, i’m sure. I was wondering how the school board (and the behind the scenes powerful) would figure out a way to keep a good old boy as superintendent but this was pretty clever. they picked finalists with lawsuits against them and they knew about it ahead of time. So then they could reject them at the end of the day.

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