Historic Sites is in Cecil Put on Maryland’s Ten Most Endangered List

Each year Preservation Maryland and Maryland Life Magazine select ten historic sites, which are in danger of being lost.  The list helps focus attention on important structures that are in need of attention and helps with preservation.  In reviewing the list this year, we see that St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Conowingo is recognized.  A few years ago, a hard work group of dedicated volunteers started to preserve this long neglected structure and they are making great progress.  Congratulations to them for the progress they’ve made and for their success at nominatoing this structure to the list.

We always thought the stone structure at Elk Landing would be a good candidate so perhaps someday the Historic Elk Landing Foundation may nominate its site.  The recongition helps bring wider attention to important properties.

Here, in part, is what the nomination said about St. Patricks  : A testament to a lost community (Cecil County)  Built on a location that was, at the time, a site of major commercial route, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church served a congregation of Irish immigrants and is the second oldest Catholic worship site on the Delmarva. Once the Conowingo Dam was built in 1927 the town supporting the church was gone and the church fell into decline. The building is in need of stabilization and restoration.

Here is the link to the full article published in Maryland Life.


One response to “Historic Sites is in Cecil Put on Maryland’s Ten Most Endangered List

  1. Dang it, whats the matter with them people at that Maryland historic society. Why don’t they put that ole stone house at elk Landing on that there list. It qualifies. I will tell you that. Put it on the list.

    Remember Ole Sam for Mayor.

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