The Blog Went a Tweeting

The blog started tweeting in the middle of the Mayor and Commissioners meeting Wednesday evening. It wasn’t a malfunction in the blogosphere or at WordPress that caused Someone Noticed to Twitter. It was a plan to tap into a new communications technology that allows us to efficiently bring fast breaking news to readers.

In such atmospheres as town board meetings, there’s no doubt about the opportunity to twitter when the commissioners are together since news is likely to break out in the form of lively exchanges without a moment’s notice. Of course those eruptions are excellent content for anyone caring to publish news about the goings on at the town board. Oh, you might say, but aren’t they also good for sound bites. They are but we incorporated that web 2.0 media into the process early on with “In Their Own Words,” an online digital recording of significant comments. Our soft launch of Twitter worked just fine so we posted a few quick items, at what was a quieter town meeting than usual.

We should back up an explain this web 2.0 product. In the digital age, 21st century technologies make it easier than ever to cover news on-the-spot and distribute it efficiently and with virtually no cost to a wide large audience. One new software that supports this is called Twitter and posts are tweets. This type of communications is also called microblogging and we’re using it to post breaking news or move quick messages that we want to get up on the web-log, long before we write a full post. It’ll be helpful when there’s a fast breaking happening for we’ll distribute the content in nearly real time. That’s long before the blog post can be produced or the news cycle of legacy media slowly rolls around. Consider it the first headline on a breaking story.

Twitter allows anyone with a free account to send out brief notes, up to 140 characters in length at any time. This free technology can be an important tool for delivering information for 21st century readers. Besides the cost is right, the technology is simple to use and it lets us a move a story efficiently. Some print media outlets are starting to use it to supplement the once a day news cycle. You will find our microblog in the lower portion of the column on the right.


3 responses to “The Blog Went a Tweeting

  1. Tweet, tweet, tweetie bird…. Nice that you are using this new high tech stuff, but i am not a twitter-er and probably very few people in Cecil county are.
    just wanted to bring to your attention the article written by Senator Cardin about his campaign to let print newspapers become non profit organizations. it does not matter how the news is delivered but it does matter WHO delivers it. rumor, gossip and people with their own agendas or professionals without the usual local agendas?
    Here is what our Senator had to say:

  2. Louise:

    No twittering required on Someone Noticed.

    The blog will do the tweeting for anyone caring to glance over at them. They’ll find those little headlines on the sidebar in an RSS feed that simply pushes them on the page automatically. That’s the beauty of it — there’s nothing to do it. It just provides one more simple communcitions tools for anyone caring to use it to push content at no cost and little investment in the labor.

    It is amazing how few younger people read print. Get a group of 20 somethings or 30 somethings (perhaps 4os too) together and ask them how many read a paper regularly. It hard to find any 20-somethings reading them and the numbers don’t get that much better with the 30-somethings. All media is going to have to reengineering the processes and make changes to survive.

    I suspect this, to some degree, is what blacksmiths went through when the auto arrived. The smart ones changed. The others, other well. They were history.

    We’ll see what happens when this shake out is over. We are still gong to need content, if someone will get out there and report. The Whig made a good effort today with local content. Keep it up and that’ll help them in these challenging times when there are many complex issues affecting the business cycle.

    On the idea of nonprofit newspapers, I’m not sure what to make of that. What do you think? I’d simply like to see them get the survivor message and get out there and compete for news as they did in the old days. Then remake themselves with cost saving, efficient technologies. Twitter has the right press and the reader has to know nothing about it.

  3. Crazy Old History Teacher

    TWEET TWEET TWEET TO YOU MIKE DIXON! One of my moron students was showing me this Twitter thing the other day, ITS STUPID IF YOU ASK ME!

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