Whig Digs Deeply Into “Fight to Save Downtown”

When we picked up the morning edition of our newspaper, the Cecil Whig, we were pleased to see an important local story covered in great detail.  The subject the daily is writing about is the revitalization of the central business area of the county seat.  For well over 10 years, the town has struggled to bring new energy back to Main Street, a place that once hummed as the retail center of the county.

While the heart of old towns will never be what they were in the era before suburban shopping centers,  revitalization is important to the overall health of a community and it is working in some places.  In Elkton the Mayor and Commissoners recognized this critical element of the community and committed substantial resources to funding the Elkton Alliance, the independent partnership charged with returning business to Main Street. 

The Whig says shop owners, officials, and residents disagree on the current condition of the old business district and they haven’t agreed on the best way to bring more business downtown.  “And they’re not sure what they want the town’s future to hold.  But if there’s one thing everyone can agree upon, it’s an impassioned desire to see the town blossom,” the Whig writes.

In a cluster of several articles,  Sonia Dasgupta talks to constituencies that have a range of views, including Elkton Alliane Director and Town Commissioner Mary Jo Jablonski.  Pieces explore the fight to save downtown, the loss of office workers, parking, and more.  On the Whig’s web site, there are additional photos and a video of Main Street North East.

Excellent, in-depth reporting of the type readers are looking for from a local paper.  We’ll have some reactions to the remarks on revitalization , along with our point of view in later posts.

If you didn’t catch today’s Whig do buy a copy.  It is valuable, professional reporting that took a good bit of time to do and to balance.


5 responses to “Whig Digs Deeply Into “Fight to Save Downtown”

  1. Yeap Ole Sam read that Sonny’s piece in the Whig today. That darn Sonny, hes a darn good reporter, he is. Whig aught to give him a raise for reporting this stuff.

    But Ole Sam has one question. What the HELF is going on here. That Commissioner lady was the one trying to sell Elk Landing. Ole Sam don’t forget to much. Then that bunch of them at that Main Street chamber of commerce started criticizing Elk Landing for doing such a bad job. ONe of them came on this here blog and started posting bout how bad those people were doing runnin Elk Landing. Ole Same didn’t agree with them selling the propety, but there wasnt any reason to attack the volunteers at Elk Landing. They dont have all that city money to keep them going. They go to do whatever they do on their own. But not at that main street chamber. They gets their money from the town taxpayers.

    Its real bad downtown and getting worse every year. Anyone been down there with ole Same knows that. That is for sure partner.

    Rmemeber ole Sam for mayor. I can’t do any worse than this bunch of commisisoners and that there mayor.

  2. Beth Boulden Moore

    I read this article in the Cecil Whig with great interest. I agree with Mrs. Sniadowski-Cole & Mr. Nicholson. People need a reason to come into Elkton and the town should be a place where families can spend time downtown on evenings and weekends. Elkton used to be like that. I was born and raised in Elkton and my family had an auto business downtown from 1911 until the 1980’s. After I had children of my own, I moved out of town. I honestly did not (and still do not) feel safe walking in downtown Elkton during the day or the night. I took my children to Elkton events when they were younger and we lived in Elkton. That ended when homeless (I assume) men who reeked of alcohol made crude remarks to my daughters as I walked down Main St. while shopping. I then stopped shopping downtown. Unfortunately, the exact same thing happened outside the Elkton Acme several years ago. Now as I drive through Elkton, I am appalled by the obvious prostitution and drug dealing I see out in the open. If I can see it in broad daylight (and I am NOT a police officer), how can any family feel safe on Elkton’s streets? Elkton’s crime rate is higher than any of the surrounding towns in Cecil, Harford, & even in Newark, DE. No business that caters to families would want to open in that kind of place. I don’t know the answer to Elkton’s problems, but whatever the experts plan to do, I hope it includes a way to clean up the downtown area.

  3. Crazy Old History Teacher

    Hey Ayn Rand! Nice to see you posted again! Where are all these businesses in downtown Elkton!? You know, this reminds me of my hometown of Cambridge, Maryland. We used to have all these retail businesses on our main street, THEN THEY WERE BURNED DOWN. They have nothing else better to do down there, so they burn buildings.

  4. Crazy Old History Teacher

    Oh one more thing Ayn, WE think you’re doing a great job with the blog!

  5. Beth:

    Thanks for you thoughtful comments here. The present situation downtown is just so obvious.

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