Blogging for a Cause Subject at Preservation & Revitalization Conference

We gained a great deal of experience at using new media for preservation advocacy in 2008 after Mayor and Commissioners considered turning over some historic public land to a commercial developer. Working to create a constructive dialogue on the risk to this valuable Elkton cultural resource and striving to make the internal workings of local government known to a wider audience, we launched this blog and gained valuable experience in using weblogs for a cause. By the time the town decided to forget the idea after about a half year of wrangling, we had discovered what a helpful tool web 2.0 products were for citizens with a cause or for nonprofits seeking broader outlets for spreading news.

At the 2009 Maryland Preservation and Revitalization Conference, we will draw on this experience to present a session on blogging for a purpose.  In the session we’ll explore how preservationists and related professionals may use this cost effective medium, while getting their message across. From the time we figured out how easy and effective these web 2.0 products were, we’ve always encouraged others to use this information sharing methods as a new information and advocacy distribution method. This important state-wide session will allow us to share our learnings with a group of preservation professionals from around-the-state.


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