Return of an Old Time Police Technique a Step in the Right Direction

On this sunny spring day in the county seat, the return of an old time police technique, one the Elkton force used decades ago, caught our attention this morning. Two efficient officers were seen several times walking a beat in the business section and the adjacent neighborhoods, areas which have been the subject of growing complaints about crime for some time now.

This is a positive step in the right direction for those responsible for planning for the revitalization of Main Street. One of the underpinnings for a successful intervention is to make sure visitors feel safe on the streets. We thank the town for establishing a foot patrol in the town center for it was good to see officers interacting with homeowners, kids, visitors, and businesspeople as they walked their beat. Of course, there are many challenges that will have to be addressed as part of a plan for drawing people to Main Street, but the crime issue has to be resolved early one, if other interventions are going to be successful and the town is going to draw a desired demographic to its center. 

Oh by the way, while we too were out strolling looking for some of those missing restuarants, we ran into one of the town commissioners walking the street.  It is good to see this renewed focus on addressing the issues that exist in the center of the community.


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