Town Supports Low to Moderate Income Senior Housing for Downtown

This Mayor and Commissioners approved a resolution to help the developer of a low to moderate income senior housing project planned for downtown Elkton acquire state funding assistance. The resolution for the E. High Street property generated a discussion about whether the plan will be approved by the planning commission and whether the town will have to change some its ordinances in order to allow the project to move forward. According to Commissioner Storke, the site is short 120 parking spaces for vehicles and the lot is ½ acre smaller than stipulated by the code. Commissioner Givens asked about some last minute changes that were made in the resolution drafted by the town administration, but it was unclear to the audience what those changes were. To that comment, the town administrator remarked he’d made those at 5:00 p.m. this evening after consulting with the town attorney.  When the vote was taken, Commissioner Storke voted against the approval while the other four members of the board approved the resolution.

Comment Catches Commissioners by Surprise

Overall it was a relatively short meeting. One citizen challenged the Mayor over the proposed sewer rate increase, but after that an unusual occurrence took place when most of the commissioners seemed surprised by a citizen’s comments. Based on those couple of minutes of dialogue, we think there’s a very significant news story behind the exchange for the commissioners truly didn’t seem to know what the citizen was talking about, but the administration did. The public comments got everyone’s attention but there wasn’t enought insight to fully understand the matter.  We’ll get on this one and see if we can get the full information since the Whig is starting to give us some serious competition on the important stories that are taking place at town meeting. There was a time when we didn’t have to worry too much about another source covering the news for we could take all the time we needed.


4 responses to “Town Supports Low to Moderate Income Senior Housing for Downtown

  1. Fred an Elkton voter

    Yeah one more low income project downtown. that’s revitallizing main street allright. Wha( are they thinking.

  2. Crazy Old History Teacher

    When I first moved to Elkton four score and seven years ago (no, I’M NOT THAT OLD LOUISE) that Town Hall building used to be the Elk Theatre….WHO KNEW THAT BUILDING COULD STILL PROVIDE SUCH ENTERTAINMENT!

  3. Fred:

    I’m not sure what the strategy is. Are they trying to make it an arts destination spot or or they attempting some other strategy? Once they identify their strategy, they can implement the right steps so hopefully this is part of an overall strategy that they’re working on.

  4. Crazy History Teacher
    I see you must’ve been to some of the town meetings too. They can be lively, engaging and yes entertaining sometimes. We’ve often thought about rolling out E-span on You Tube, in the line of C-Span on our cable channels. I do think E-SPan would be popular.

    Stop by and say hi at one of those town meetings.

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